We are a Group of Creative Brand-Builders Focused on You And Your Business.

The J. Benjamin Group was founded with a simple belief that long term success begins by focusing on relevance. Relevance generates genuine consumer connections. Genuine connections generate value. Value generates loyalty. Loyalty generates advocacy.

It takes a willingness to be bold, to be focused on a single value proposition and have that proposition build and shape how your organization presents itself to others.

What We Do.

Simply put – We build and execute advertising and marketing campaigns that your customers want and understand.

Our team tailors the plan to your business; one that connects your vision and strategy to the right audience. With more than 20 years experience in building brands and producing results for clients, we bring a fresh perspective to your go-to-market strategies and the confidence to connect you with your preferred customers.

Strategic Communications Planning

Branding & Design

Online Marketing (Digital & Social)

Web Design